Sweet dreams! Never go to bed hungry at these 5 ‘food hotels’

Eating in bed is probably one of life’s best indulgences. But how about sleeping in a room inspired by your favourite sweets and snacks? Food-themed hotels are one of those travel niches that some travellers gobble up just for the experience. If you go absolutely bananas for all things gastronomical, here are some places to check out.

The Sweet Escape – Florida, United States

Excited by the idea of a chocolate slide? Then check into this luxurious Florida vacation mansion, featuring (possibly) the world’s only ice cream cone-shaped pool. It’s definitely a party venue as the estate can take up to 52 guests. The 10 rooms are inspired by popular US candy such as M&M’s, Oreos and Milky Way.

Adelphi Hotel – Melbourne, Australia

Built on the buzzing Flinders Lane, the Adelphi boasts to be “the world’s first dessert-themed hotel”. ID-wise, the food inspiration is kept tasteful. Think sweets-shaped furniture and fixtures that remind you of sugary confections. And in each room, guests are treated to snacks curated by a local candy shop.

Three Ways House – Gloucestershire, England

The British take their bakes very seriously, and this cosy hotel is testament to that – every Friday night since 1985, this Gloucestershire hotel has hosted the Pudding Club. Guests can also expect pudding-themed rooms, or if you can stomach it, rooms inspired by treacle sponge and sticky toffee.

Gladstone Hotel – Toronto, Canada

The Gladstone isn’t dedicated to food per se, but it has 37 artist-designed rooms, and among them is the Surreal Gourmet room by Food Network host Bob Blumer. It features a Swiss cheese canopy over the bed, a Fruit Loops closet and marshmallow pillows. There’s also a selection of his curated foodie DVDs.

Food Hotel –Neuwied, Germany

Want to sleep in a supermarket? Check out this boutique hotel where chairs are shaped like shopping carts and rooms are themed after Germany’s biggest food manufacturers like chocolate confectioner Ferrero, cake mix maker Dr Oetker, crisps producer Chio and beer brewery Veltins. It also has an actual supermarket on its premises.

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