2 Days Huangshan Tour

yellow mountain tour
Mount Huangshan

Huangshan ( 黄山 The Yellow Mountain) is located in Huangshan City, Anhui province, next to Shanghai and Hangzhou. Huangshan is dubbed as the “NO.1 Mountain Under the Heaven”. There is a saying goes ” You don’t need to see other mountains after viewing the Five Mountains, and you don’t need to see the the Five Mountains after seeing Huangshan.” Huangshan, a UNESCO world heritage site,  is an amazing natural wonder that you must visit when going to China. This 2 day Huangshan tour will take you to visit the highlights of Huangshan mountain and you will stay overnight on the mountain top to enjoy sunset and sunrise. Please check our Huangshan vacation packages below:


Huangshan Map (click to enlarge the map!)

Tour Code: HST06
Departure: Daily
Tour Type: Private
Duration: 2 days
Language: English

Itinerary details

Huangshan tour
The Yellow Mountain

Day 1 Arrive Huangshan

Arrive Huangshan by train or plane. Our tour guide and driver will pick you up and then drive to Huangshan Scenic Area (1 hour ride, 60 km). Then you will take the Yungu cable car (云谷缆车) to up to the top of Huangshan mountain. Visit Beginning-to-Believe Peak (始信峰), Brush Pen Peak (笔架峰), the Lion Peak (狮子峰) and enjoy magnificent sunset (观黄山日落).  This is an overnight tour in Huangshan, you will stay overnight at the Huangshan Shilin Hotel.

Day 2 Leave Huangshan B,L

Get up early in the morning to enjoy a breath-taking sunrise over Huangshan(观黄山日出), this will be a memorable experience and highly recommended. Then go back to your hotel for breakfast. After that enjoy the amazing views at Cloud-dispelling Pavilion(排云亭), see the Flying-over Rock (飞来石), visit Brightness Summit(光明顶).

huangshan 2 day tour

After that take the cable car down the mountain (云谷缆车下山). Head to Huangshan city and explore some interesting things in Tunxi Old Street (屯溪老街). You will also have chance to visit a Ink-stick Workshop (徽墨工坊) to learn how the famous Hui Ink is made. Then transfer to airport or railway station for your next destination.


4 star Huangshan Shilin Hotel on mountain top of Huangshan.

Travelling Party Price Details(per person in US$):
1 person $620
2 persons $380
3-5 persons $310
6-9 persons $265
10 persons up $245

1. If you want to stay in a single room. the single supplement is USD95.
2. Additional USD25/pax for weekend (Friday and Saturday Night) stay on the top of the Yellow Mountain.

Service includes

1. Private car with experienced driver in Huangshan.
2. 4 star hotel based on twin-share basis with breakfast.
3. Private English-speaking tour guide.
4. Entrance fees to tourist spots mentioned above.
5. Round way Huangshan cable car.
6. Meals mentioned above (B=Breakfast, L=Lunch, D=Dinner).

Service excludes

1. Transport to and from Huangshan
2. Tips to guide and driver.


Tel: +86 178 1320 5162 (9:00 am—5:30 pm)
E-mail: service@intochinatravel.com
Skype ID: intochinatravel

Additional Info

Huangshan Travel Tips

  1. The sun rise and sea of clouds are famous, but they are subject to weather conditions.
  2. The weather on the mountain is changeable and mountain top temperature is much lower than on the foot. Take raincoat and warm clothes to protect from the wind and rain.
  3. Advise to deposit big suitcases at a hotel in the city or the mountain foot. Just bring an easier-to-carry bag to the mountain top.
  4. Watch steps when climbing the mountain and be mindful of your safety when taking photos.
  5. Avoid to plan your Huangshan trip during Chinese holidays, when there are crowds of domestic tourists on the mountian. These holidays are: May Day Holiday (May 1-3); National Day Holiday (October 1-7), and Spring Festival Holiday (1 week in January or February).
  6. Take toothbrush and toothpaste, the mountain top hotel do not provide these items.


1. Transportation between Shanghai and Huangshan

To travel from Shanghai to Huangshan is easy, you can take bullet train, overnight train or flight. If you have 2 or 3 days in Shanghai, it is a good idea to take a Huangshan Mountain tour.

Shanghai to Huangshan Train Schedule

Note: The above tour package rate is based on second class seats, if you need first class seats, please contact our trip advisors.

Train No. Shanghai Hongqiao Huangshan North Travel Time
G7317 08:05 11:40 3h35m
G1509 08:42 11:08 2h26m
G7319 09:38 12:44 3h6m
G7191 11:51 14:41 2h50m
G7193 12:46 15:40 2h54m
G7301 13:30 16:08 2h38m
G7315 14:05 17:07 3h2m
G7303 16:22 19:29 3h7m
G7305 17:27 20:41 3h14m
G7307 18:07 20:56 2h49m
G7309 18:48 21:16 2h28m
D3323 19:06 22:05 2h59m

Huangshan to Shanghai Train Schedule

Note: The above tour package rate is based on second class seats, if you need first class seats, please contact our trip advisors.

Train No. Shanghai Hongqiao Huangshan North Travel Time
G7302 07:15 09:58 2h43m
G7194 07:24 10:08 2h44m
G7316 08:17 11:19 3h2m
D3324 08:41 11:41 3h00m
G7306 09:32 12:39 3h7m
G7308 13:03 15:47 2h44m
G7318 13:48 17:21 3h33m
G7192 15:04 17:57 2h53m
G7310 15:59 18:53 2h54m
G1510 16:31 19:00 2h29m
G7312 16:39 19:09 2h30m

Shanghai – Huangshan Flight Schedule

Note: If you need flight tickets between Shanghai and Huangshan, please consult with our trip advisor.

Directions Flight No. Departs Arrives Duration
Shanghai Hongqiao- Huangshan FM9267 13:15 14:25 1h10min
Huangshan – Shanghai Hongqiao FM9268 22:05 23:20 1h 15min

2. Transportation between Hangzhou and Huangshan

Hangzhou is 220 km from Huangzhou, you can take Yellow Mountain tours easily by transport of  3.5 hours bus or 3 hours bullet train.

Public Bus

Hangzhou West Bus Station ( 杭州汽车西站)  –  Huangshan Tunxi (黄山屯溪快) . The bus is available from 06:50, 7:50, 8:40, 9:40. About  2.9 hours ride. Ticket price RMB88. You can buy the ticket on your own.

For the back from Huangshan. Our guide can help you buy ticket back from Huangshan at bus station.


Hangzhou to Huangshan Train Schedule

Note: The above tour package rate is based on second class seats, if you need first class seats, please contact our trip advisors.

Train No. Hangzhou East Huangshan North Travel Time
G2389 07:39 09:24 1h45m
G2385 08:00 09:57 1h57m
G2395 08:07 10:34 2h27m
G7317 09:51 11:40 1h49m
G7319 11:13 12:44 1h31m
G2379 12:35 14:28 1h53m
G7191 12:52 14:41 1h49m
D5581 13:31 15:23 1h52m
G7193 14:09 15:40 1h31m
G7301 14:37 16:08 1h31m
G7315 15:11 17:07 1h56m
D2109 16:09 17:53 1h44m
D3397 16:19 18:43 2h24m
G2381 16:47 18:38 1h51m
G7303 17:34 19:29 1h55m
G7451 18:10 20:06 1h56m
G7305 18:47 20:41 1h54m
G1393 18:53 20:31 1h38m
G7307 19:13 20:56 1h43m
D5585 19:24 21:08 1h44m
G7309 19:45 21:16 1h31m
D3323 20:10 22:05 1h55m
D5583 20:35 22:11 1h36m
D5589 20:54 22:38 1h44m
G7497 21:29 22:55 1h26m
D5587 21:52 23:18 1h26m

Huangshan to Hangzhou Train Schedule

Note: The above tour package rate is based on second class seats, if you need first class seats, please contact our trip advisors.

Train No. Huangshan North Hangzhou East Travel Time
D5586 05:52 07:19 1h27m
D5588 06:00 07:33 1h33m
G7302 07:15 08:58 1h43m
G7194 07:24 09:12 1h48m
G7452 07:33 09:23 1h50m
G7316 08:17 10:06 1h49m
D3324 08:41 10:22 1h41m
D5590 09:00 10:50 1h50m
G7304 09:22 11:05 1h43m
G7306 09:32 11:15 1h43m
G1452 10:31 12:10 1h39m
G2380 10:42 12:15 1h33m
D2110 11:24 13:02 1h38m
G7498 11:54 13:51 1h57m
D5582 13:01 15:04 2h3m
G7308 13:03 14:46 1h43m
G7318 13:48 15:43 1h55m
D3398 14:03 15:50 1h47m
G2382 14:28 16:18 1h50m
G7192 15:04 16:59 1h55m
G7310 15:59 17:37 1h38m
G7312 16:39 18:12 1h33m
G2390 17:15 19:02 1h47m
D5584 18:20 20:11 1h51m
G2396 19:34 21:22 1h48m
G2386 20:28 22:21 1h53m

We can buy train tickets from our side.

3. Transportation between Beijing and Huangshan

There are many trains running between Beijing and Huangshan, it takes about 6.5 hours for a single way.


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